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Common Pet Emergencies

Common Pet Emergencies Treated by Your Durham Veterinarian

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Nearly all pets face a medical problem at one time in their life. Knowing the common pet emergencies and what symptoms to look for can help you take care of your pet. At New Hope Animal Hospital in Chapel Hill and Durham, we help pet owners learn the symptoms of a pet emergency so they can get their pet help.  

Upset Stomach and Vomiting

An upset stomach and vomiting can happen for many reasons, including injection of a toxic substance, gastrointestinal problems, intestinal blockage, allergies and a dietary switch. If your pet has an upset stomach for a sustained period of time, contact your local Chapel Hill or Durham emergency veterinarian.

Skin Burn 

Skin burn can occur if your pet gets too close to a chimney or fireplace, or too close to a grill. You may notice that your pet's hair is singed, and the skin underneath is red, swollen and tender. Bring your pet to the veterinarian for an examination, diagnosis and medication. 

Skin Rash

A skin rash can occur for a variety of reasons, including allergic reaction, flea bites and environmental factors. To find out if your pet has a skin rash, watch for him or her to scratch profusely. Some pets will develop sores, lose hair or start to bleed. At New Hope Animal Hospital, we can provide medications and identify the source of the rash. 


There are many products around the house that can lead to pet poisoning. Common symptoms of pet poisoning include vomiting, loss of appetite, loss of consciousness, lethargy and difficulty breathing. Bring your pet to the veterinarian as soon as possible if you notice these symptoms.  


Physical trauma can happen if your pet gets into a fight with another animal, is caught in a hunting trap or if he or she falls from a high place. Wounds from a physical trauma can take many different forms. Watch for your pet to limp, whine, whimper or lick his or her skin more than normal.

Hit By Car

Car accidents can happen to any pet, but they're a common problem for pets who spend a great deal of time outdoors. In some cases, it may not be immediately obvious that your pet has been hit by a motor vehicle. If your pet did not sustain a direct hit, symptoms of these injuries can be subtle. Your pet may be bleeding from the head or leg, or limping, but may still be able to walk. To ensure your pet gets the emergency medical treatment he or she needs, contact your pet's emergency animal hospital.

Contact New Hope Animal Hospital, Your Chapel Hill and Durham Veterinarian

At New Hope Animal Hospital in Durham NC, we help pet owners take care of their pets. As your pet's emergency animal hospital in Chapel Hill and Durham, we provide emergency services to animals experiencing a range of problems, from trauma to nausea and vomiting, skin burn, skin rash and other symptoms. To make an appointment for your pet, or to get your pet the emergency care he or she needs, contact us today at 919-490-2000.

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